Does Balayage Ruin Your Hair? Everything You Need to Know

Balayage is a popular hair coloring technique that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a less damaging alternative to traditional highlights, but it is still a chemical process that can strip hair of its natural oils and weaken the hair shaft. While balayage does cause some damage to the hair, it is much less harmful than other hair coloring processes. Matt Rez, a famous colorist at the Mèche Salon in Los Angeles, believes that balayage is a little more damaging than traditional highlights.

This is because balayage requires a stronger whitening or lightening agent to create, lift and overcome unwanted brass tones. If a colorist uses high-volume peroxide unnecessarily to illuminate a laminated surface, it can also be harmful. However, if done correctly by an experienced professional, balayage does not cause significant damage to the hair. Balayage can be used to create a variety of looks, from butter blonde and ash blonde to honey balayage and multi-tonal tones.

It is also less likely to result in copper or overprocessed hair than traditional coloring techniques. If you have already dyed your hair and want to add highlights with balayage, you may need to apply them more times, which can be more expensive and time consuming. For those with dark brown or black hair who want lighter highlights, balayage may not work on the first or second try. It is important to be aware of the potential risks of using bleach with balayage, as this can lead to colors you didn't expect or extremely frizzy hair.

If you wear your hair up regularly, your colorist can customize your balayage look to better suit it in a more flattering way. Reverse balayage can be used to reduce copper tones and add depth from the root if your blonde hair has turned copper or you want to change it. To maintain your color, it is important to use products specifically designed for colored hair and avoid washing your hair too often. Overall, balayage is much less damaging than other hair coloring processes and requires less touch-up between sessions.

If done correctly by an experienced professional, it can give you a fresh look without effort.