How to Keep Your Balayage Hair Color Vibrant and Shiny

If you want to keep your balayage hair color looking vibrant and shiny, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your hair stays healthy and your color stays true. A weekly shine or frosting treatment is the perfect way to keep your balayage highlights looking glossy and lustrous. Heart of Glass clear polish for blondes provides hydration, shine, heat protection, and restores hair elasticity. To prevent your hair from fading or becoming dull, use a natural oil such as almond oil on your hair every week.

The oil will keep your hair color looking shiny and vibrant. It's common for permanent hair coloring to last 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the condition of your hair when you dye it, how often you wash it, and the type of shampoo and conditioner you use. Semi-permanent hair dyes last, on average, about 6 weeks. As with permanent hair dyes, how often you wash your hair and the products you use will influence how long the dye lasts.

Our Brilliant Brunette range will keep your color under control: the products you choose will depend on the color of your hair. Our Midnight Brunette color clarifying shampoo provides an intense, chocolatey and bright color as you wash. It is made with cocoa and evening primrose oil to soften and nourish dark brown hair. Finish with our Midnight Brunette color deepening conditioner to preserve your dark and bright tones.

If you have lighter brown hair, our Brilliant Brunette Colour Vibrancy shampoo rehydrates, replenishes and restores brown hair. Its light-reflecting complex shows the tones of your hair, and sweet almond oil protects and softens your locks. Fix your color and maintain the intensity of your color with our Brilliant Brunette Colour Vibrancy conditioner. Copper-brown hair is prone to persistent orange tones that can give the color an unflattering “reddish” appearance. Our Blue Crush For Brunettes blue shampoo eliminates the most persistent warm tones and reveals your usual vibrant color.

Preserve your color with our Blue Crush For Brunettes blue conditioner: crushed blue pigments eliminate orange tones and deeply moisturize your brunette. The best tip for keeping red hair from fading is to wash it less often. You can switch to shampooing your hair every other day if you're one of those people who have to wash their hair every day. It may also be helpful to rinse with cool water. If you're wondering what to do after the balayage treatment, you should add or adjust some activities to your hair care routine. Be sure to apply adequate UV protection, including different products that can protect balayage hair from the Sun. Having a blond balayage on a black hair base will undoubtedly be a very complicated and challenging process.

To preserve the visibility of the balayage coloring, you will have to touch up your hair from time to time. Finally I opted for a salon hair dye (after years of disrepair) and I loved it, beautiful blonde balayage, nice and shiny. If you want to keep your balayage looking its best for longer, follow these tips: use a shine or frosting treatment once a week; use natural oils such as almond oil on your hair every week; use products specifically designed for balayage; apply adequate UV protection; wash your hair less often; rinse with cool water; touch up regularly; opt for a salon dye.