Low Maintenance Hair Colours: 15 Ideas to Try

Are you looking for a hair colour that requires little maintenance? Celebrities have recently shifted to the dark side, and we're here for that. The hair color that is in fashion has earned its official name of expensive brunette because it is rich in shades, warm and bright. However, despite its name, this hair color will not ruin your maintenance. Papanikolas says balayage is his preferred technique for someone looking for a hair color that requires little maintenance.

The wicks can be delicate in the root area, gradually becoming thicker and heavier towards the middle of the stem and tips, he says. This allows for a bold or subtle dimension, but keeping the root area delicate allows growth to be more tolerant. If you're a natural brunette, then you know how difficult it can be to choose a hair color that brightens your hair without requiring much maintenance. Instead of dyeing your entire head a different shade, opt for shady roots. According to Bodt, some ways to add color to brunettes, but in a simpler way, are to add medium and final lights, moving away from the color at the roots and adding the shadow of the roots to make it perfect.

Baby lights are very fine, fine highlights that are placed subtly all over the hair. According to Papanikolas, baby lights are the most common way to add dimension without the need for maintenance and with a natural look. You can also customize your look by choosing baby lights that are lighter or darker than your natural hair color to lighten or darken your overall hair color. If you have natural red hair and want to add more dimension, Bodt recommends that you hide the highlights. In the case of redheads, it's about painting underneath and at the ends so that they are hidden and generate many dimensions, she explains. Below, we've listed 15 of our favorite low-maintenance hair dye ideas for you to keep as favorites and take them to your next appointment.

From Kristen Stewart's platinum rock n' roll and purple highlights from a Lana Condor book to Beyoncé's mixed roots and Sydney Sweeney's degraded red hair, keep looking for some of our favorite looks that we think look a little more adult. If you start with a naturally darker color, any version of the ombré will require very little maintenance. This will make the new growth less obvious and, at the same time, will add more dimension and lightness to the overall hair. Ombré leaves the natural root color and fades into highlights, says professional stylist Clariss Rubenstein. You can make it look extreme or subtle, but the touch-ups can be as few and far between as you want them to be. While the ombré is more of a horizontal placement, the balayage is more vertical.

Your colorist works far from the roots so you can preserve your natural color, says Richy Kandasamy, a colorist and member of the R+Co collective. By nature, balayage requires very little maintenance, agrees Stephanie Brown, colorist of the IGK Salon in New York City. The hair is painted to look like it has been naturally highlighted by the sun, offering little or no line of demarcation as the hair grows. Root hair removal consists of using a semi-permanent color to “blur” the root area, where the natural color is combined with reflections. Think of it as a mix of color that gradually lightens from the roots, softening the appearance of the place where the highlights end and your new growth begins, explains Brown. According to Rubenstein, subtle highlights, or baby lights, are a way to illuminate your look without much maintenance.

Adding some spots that are a little lighter than your natural color and not doing a lot of them should grow beautifully, she says. Can't you decide between a blonde and a brunette? The tortoiseshell is a medium that is achieved by mixing a few different tones, such as honey blonde, intense candy and cappuccino brown. The fusion of tones results in a soft and natural look that allows for a more tolerant regeneration. If you have dark brown hair and want to add a summer shine to your locks without completely losing your natural color, this could be the look that doesn't require much maintenance. With blond balayage highlights mixed with darker roots, dark-rooted blond is the perfect hybrid of blonde and brunette. Think of your classic blonde and tan tone, with touches of cool tones that give rise to an ashen tan.

It is a slightly faded color, almost similar to driftwood, which is easily transformed if you already have medium-tone brown hair. Just ask your stylist to give you some beige blonde locks if you start to be a brunette, or some mushroom brown locks if your initial tone He's blond. To book an appointment at Alex Carbonell's Studio Fix contact cel. To book an appointment at JuRo Salon contact tel. To book an appointment at Creations by Lourd Ramos contact tel. A little darker than a tan but still very radiant painting some sections caramel on brown hair keeps the summer going within easy reach.

Ask your colorist to keep the sections in perfect condition for minimal maintenance. Gray hair colors require a lot of maintenance. They require maintenance to eliminate the copper color and visits to the beauty salon are more frequent to keep the condition feeling good. With that said there's no reason why you can't incorporate chunks of ash blonde into natural blonde hair to get a greige tone. Keep a platinum shampoo in your hair wash cycle to prevent too much heat from penetrating. Whether you're a lighter blonde or a darker one by nature applying a more intense tone is always a healthier and easier way to play with color.

The multidimensional nature of brown hair keeps the colour radiant and if you choose highlights that frame the face they will also enhance your complexion which is....