Is Balayage Good for Your Hair? A Comprehensive Guide

Balayage is a popular hair coloring technique that has been around since the 1970s. It is a freehand technique that uses lightening solution to paint the surface of random parts of the hair, creating a natural-looking, bronzed hair color with smoother and less noticeable growth. The highlights of the balayage are usually only a few tones lighter than the base color, giving the locks a natural depth and dimension. It is less damaging than traditional highlights, but it is still a chemical process that can strip hair of its natural oils and weaken the hair shaft. The balayage technique allows you to obtain a multi-tonal finish with less and more.

It uses patches of light and shadow to create multiple dimensions in the color, giving your stylist more freedom to add a color that fits and flatters your cut, the shape of your face and your personal style. If you want to add non-uniform stripes or subtle touches of color, balayage is a better option. Whether you attend a Calgary beauty salon or visit once a year, you've probably heard of one of the biggest hairdressing trends of the past decade: balayage. But this has caused many people who have never had one to become curious. What does the best balayage service need to be effective? What if your hair is short, gray, thin, or already dyed? Let's review the different ways balayage wicks can work.

Can You Put on a Balayage After Dyeing Your Hair?

Well, that depends on the type of dye you used.

Permanent dyes (such as those used in beauty salons) contain peroxides that discolor the hair and make it dry. Temporary dyes (usually coming in boxes) are a little softer on the strands and don't cause as much dryness.

What Does Colored Lines Look Like?

Colored lines are noticeable on specific sections of the hair (usually done by wrapping them in aluminum foil so that the surrounding hair is not touched). They look like highlights, but much thinner and more extended, mimicking the look of childhood hair (light and feathery). So it's actually a matter of preferences.

Do you want your roots to remain dark and attractive, with light tips? Or do you prefer to have small, subtle locks everywhere, making your hair look light and soft? Or maybe you want something in between.

Can Balayage Be Done on Short Hair?

It's both about who adapts to the balayage and what's right for you. If you need help deciding, request a consultation and we will be happy to help you choose the most appropriate one. Since balayage is more evident and noticeable on long hair, many people wonder if it can be done on short hair. We also get a lot of questions about balayage with bangs, if it will ruin curly hair or if it can be done on previously dyed hair. As for the length of the hair, as long as there are a few centimeters to work with, the balayage can be done and look fantastic.

In fact, it can accentuate facial features and skin tones when done right, and it's a great way to make a bob haircut or other similar styles stand out without much effort. As for the bangs, part of the stylist's job when doing the balayage will consist of helping to determine what length and style of bangs would suit you better. As with the rest of the cut when the hair is short, the bangs will accentuate the facial features and a well-done coloring job will only increase its charm. So don't wonder anymore: a balayage with bangs is absolutely possible and very common. The same goes for curly hair, which actually adapts very well to the tones and colors of the balayage.

Natural changes in shade and light in curly hairstyles enhance the effect of balayage, but it takes the talented touch of a good stylist to highlight it.

Can Balayage Cover Gray Hair or Gray Roots?

Compared to other, more traditional approaches to lightening hair, Cassanova tells us that balayage is a little easier for all hair types, especially for curly-haired girls who put their curl patterns at risk by choosing lighter hair. If you want to lighten your hair but let it grow naturally between visits to the beauty salon, balayage may be ideal for you.

What Can You Expect at Your Balayage Appointment?

Each consultation is a little different depending on the current state of your hair and how you would like the final result to look, but here's a general outline of what to expect at your balayage appointment, which can take between three and five hours.

What Is Ombré?

Like balayage and traditional mechas, ombré, a French term that means nuanced or degraded in tone, is a request usual for lightening hair. While balayage allows you to make fewer appointments in the beauty salon with greater separation, there are some things to keep in mind between appointments to help keep your hair healthy and your color looking its best.